It all Started with the Gluten Free Crack







For the past few years I have been working on improving my diet so that I can improve my health.  I tend to have a suppressed immune system and I also have suffered from inflammation in my elbow and shoulder.  Since I am currently enrolled in a health coaching course,  it has pushed me to change my diet, experiment with different foods and above all eat healthier.

So far it has been great and I have felt really good.   I have been consistent in adding in more vegetables and fruits while crowding out the sugar, gluten and carbs.  I have noticed that I can actually focus more, that I have more energy, I am more motivated, I feel more creative, and I lost a few pounds without even trying,  I am enjoying cooking healthy meals for my family and eating real rather than processed foods.  I noticed that my cravings for sugar and sodas went way down.  Even my PMS seemed a bit better. Now that IS a bonus! Continue reading