Self-Care is Not What You Think It Is


UnknownYou hear about self-care all over the place these days.  Last night I ran a group and this was our topic.  Self-care is more than flossing, eating healthy and exercising.  Self-care to me equals self-love. If you don’t have self-love it is really hard to be love.  It is difficult to show love in the world and to the world if you can’t show it to yourself.  Sadly, too many women think self-care is selfish rather than seeing it as an act of love not just toward themselves but toward their families.  If you give yourself the support you need, you are then much better prepared to care for your family.  And please see the big picture here, the ripple effect of the energy you put out into the world affects everyone you come into contact with and is in direct proportion to how you treat yourself.  If you can learn to love yourself then you do not need to find it from outside sources that don’t always serve you. You know what I am talking about: the junk food, alcohol, the likes on Facebook, and FOMO.  All of that is a band-aid for the love you are not giving to yourself. Continue reading