Going Solo

1e498728cce28e8a558dbc0b95fcde93Do you have an unshakable desire to reconnect with yourself and figure out exactly the direction you want to take going forward and you just can’t figure it out with the “clutter” of every day existence? Have you ever felt like you want to run away from your life for just a little bit to maybe find yourself again? Well, I recently did just that, deep in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Not exactly Eat Pray Love but I am on a budget and it worked its magic just the same. 🙂 Thank God for Airbnb!

Being alone can actually be a bit scary. You wouldn’t think so but we are so inundated with words and thoughts and technology these days that we are rarely alone, even with our own thoughts. Getting away and unplugging can offer amazing clarity, especially if you go somewhere you have never been before. That feeling of being out of your comfort zone and in uncharted territory can be exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Continue reading