Going Solo

1e498728cce28e8a558dbc0b95fcde93Do you have an unshakable desire to reconnect with yourself and figure out exactly the direction you want to take going forward and you just can’t figure it out with the “clutter” of every day existence? Have you ever felt like you want to run away from your life for just a little bit to maybe find yourself again? Well, I recently did just that, deep in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Not exactly Eat Pray Love but I am on a budget and it worked its magic just the same. ūüôā Thank God for Airbnb!

Being alone can actually be a bit scary. You wouldn’t think so but we are so inundated with words and thoughts and technology these days that we are rarely alone, even with our own thoughts. Getting away and unplugging can offer amazing clarity, especially if you go somewhere you have never been before. That feeling of being out of your comfort zone and in uncharted territory can be exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Continue reading

Self-Care is Not What You Think It Is


UnknownYou hear about self-care all over the place these days. ¬†Last night I ran a group and this was our topic. ¬†Self-care is more than flossing, eating healthy and exercising. ¬†Self-care to me equals self-love. If you don’t have self-love it is really hard to be love. ¬†It is difficult to show love in the world and to the world if you can’t show it to yourself. ¬†Sadly, too many women think self-care is selfish rather than seeing it as an act of love not just toward themselves but toward their families. ¬†If you give yourself the support you need, you are then much better prepared to care for your family. ¬†And please see the big picture here, the ripple effect of the energy you put out into the world affects everyone you come into contact with and is in direct proportion to how you treat yourself. ¬†If you can learn to love yourself then you do not need to find it from outside sources that don’t always serve you. You know what I¬†am talking about: the junk food, alcohol, the likes on Facebook, and¬†FOMO. ¬†All of that is a band-aid for the love you are not giving to yourself. Continue reading

The Trapeze

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I am coming to the end of my health coaching course and I have learned so much.  I am ready to get out there and help women move through transitions in life with their health and vitality intact.  The transition could be a divorce, a change of diet, a health issue, a move, a new job or relationship.  We really are in transition always if you think about it.  We transition through seasons every year.  We transition through stages in life.  We transition through people.  I hope to help women realize that transition is a good thing and a time to grow, learn and did deep inside.  I read this story today and it describes exactly this space that I want to help women move through gracefully. Continue reading

Gratitude is the Secret to Happiness















Do you ever have those days when everything feels right with the world for a split second; not for any reason at all except that it just does?   A sense of joy comes over you.  Today I am feeling that way so I decided I should write about it.  I have a TON to accomplish today and I can feel the pressure of it in the background but I think today I might be able to keep it at bay for a while.  The way I will do this is through gratitude.

Continue reading

It all Started with the Gluten Free Crack







For the past few years I have been working on improving my diet so that I can improve my health.  I tend to have a suppressed immune system and I also have suffered from inflammation in my elbow and shoulder.  Since I am currently enrolled in a health coaching course,  it has pushed me to change my diet, experiment with different foods and above all eat healthier.

So far it has been great and I have felt really good.   I have been consistent in adding in more vegetables and fruits while crowding out the sugar, gluten and carbs.  I have noticed that I can actually focus more, that I have more energy, I am more motivated, I feel more creative, and I lost a few pounds without even trying,  I am enjoying cooking healthy meals for my family and eating real rather than processed foods.  I noticed that my cravings for sugar and sodas went way down.  Even my PMS seemed a bit better. Now that IS a bonus! Continue reading

There is Something to This

wellness-natural-stateThis blog is a place to discuss whatever comes up.  It will include health and nutrition, since I am currently studying to become a health coach; it will cover all the questions and thoughts on spirituality that plague us all in our daily lives;  some parenting issues may get brought up and of course I will talk about all the things I love in the world i.e. books, products, photography, food, etc.  I feel like I am a pretty well-rounded soul with lots of interests and really, I think we all are.  We also change and evolve over our lifetime so what you are interested in today can certainly change in a month or a year.

Today I need to discuss an issue I keep facing in my life.  Maybe all of you can shed some light on this for me.  I want this to be a forum where we can discuss and help each other out. It is new right now and I know sometimes it is intimidating to share but please do!  There is no one else who thinks just like you do, who will say something exactly like you or who has had the exact same experiences.  So share, share, share!   What you say here may be just the a-ha someone else needed to hear, which is exactly why I want to write it in the first place. Continue reading

We Do it to Ourselves


Lately, I have been working on changing my thoughts around the stressors in my life and that got me thinking. ¬†I mentally went down the list of a number of things in our lives that cause us the most stress and I came to the conclusion that we do most of it to ourselves. ¬†We invite¬†the stress into our lives by our actions or inaction, not the other way around. ¬†Stress does not happen to us…we allow it to thrive in our lives by the choices we make.

Think about it…we buy into what society tells us is good for us, right, true, what will make us happy, and how to live. ¬†We go along believing it is as it should be. ¬†But is it? Continue reading