We Do it to Ourselves


Lately, I have been working on changing my thoughts around the stressors in my life and that got me thinking.  I mentally went down the list of a number of things in our lives that cause us the most stress and I came to the conclusion that we do most of it to ourselves.  We invite the stress into our lives by our actions or inaction, not the other way around.  Stress does not happen to us…we allow it to thrive in our lives by the choices we make.

Think about it…we buy into what society tells us is good for us, right, true, what will make us happy, and how to live.  We go along believing it is as it should be.  But is it? Continue reading

Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready


I have heard that you teach what you need to learn and that rings so true with this post.  I told myself and the Universe that this year is my year of action.  Ever since I said that out loud, I have been seeing this message everywhere, which just reinforces that I was right on.  I am the queen of sitting my ass on the couch with a good book, putting things off and “getting ready to get ready”.  I do this so much, that I finally got sick of myself enough to actually make a change.

Martin Kipp from The Daily Love calls this “spiritual entertainment”. There is so much information thrown at us daily that we become overwhelmed to the point of inaction.  We can read all the spiritual books and posts we want but it is not going to make us more spiritual if we don’t DO the work or USE the tools.  I bet each and every one of you could tell me what you would really like to be doing with your life.  When we step up and make a change and move in the direction of what we want, the Universe really does rise up to meet us and help us along.  I can not stress this enough.  It does not have to be a giant leap (like moving to another country as I did) but rather baby steps.  Forward movement is the key.  Pay for that course, start a blog,  join that group, write a page of your book, forgive that person…you will feel the momentum start the minute you make the decision.

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A New Way to Complete a Project


I wish I could tell you that there is going to be some rhyme or reason to these posts.  I wish for my sake that there was rather than the constant barrage of random thoughts that plague me daily.  Instead, I  guess I will have to settle for whatever comes to me each day.  I am ALWAYS reading and being curious so I come across so many great ideas I want to share.  I am naturally an explorer. I also believe we never stop learning and that maybe even we are here to learn…maybe THAT is our purpose.  How about for shits and giggles we stick to that thought and tell ourselves that it is true.  Wouldn’t that take some of the pressure off?

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Welcome to My World!

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Hello!  Welcome!  I am beyond excited to be bringing the ideas that swarm in my head to life with this blog.  Over the past year, I have had ideas bubbling up constantly and nowhere to put them.  I have been called to write them down and share them with you.  I applaud you for stopping by and taking the time out of your day to connect to yourself.  And really for me, that is what this is all about: connecting to myself and to women all over the world.

I have been on a spiritual journey all my life, just not consistently until about seven years ago.  I consider myself a “seeker”.  I believe we all are , however, not all of us know it or tap into it.  It seems that today, in this crazy world we live in, somehow it is starting to get through that there is more to this, more to us and that we need to connect with that energy.  Or maybe that is just the world I am in.  Whatever the case may be for you, I hope that something here resonates with you so that you have this sense that yes, I need to explore this and dig deep down within myself to see what is there.  I will warn you, it is not always pretty but it is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and really, the world.  If everyone in the world “got it”, that we are all connected and all on the same wild ride here, just think how peaceful we could be.  It is my intention to nudge that feeling along in any way I can.

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