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Do you ever have those days when everything feels right with the world for a split second; not for any reason at all except that it just does?   A sense of joy comes over you.  Today I am feeling that way so I decided I should write about it.  I have a TON to accomplish today and I can feel the pressure of it in the background but I think today I might be able to keep it at bay for a while.  The way I will do this is through gratitude.

I have found that if I stay in a space of gratitude, and live it every day, my life changes.  It changes in miraculous ways really.  Because if you really think about it, isn’t it a miracle that we are here at all? Shouldn’t we be grateful every day for just that?  I believe so.  And I am.  I have soooo much to be grateful for in my life.  Last year I did a Instagram photo project called 365 Days of Gratitude.  I got the idea from Hailey Bartholomew after reading about her journey with gratitude.  It really changed my thought process and my stress levels.  And I had some other unexpected changes as well.  I was able to stay in a space of joy and trust much easier as well.  By that I mean, I trusted in the process of life and that The Universe always has my back.  Because I lived this every day, I started noticing that more and more things to be grateful for came my way.  I felt like I was being given a message that I was on the right track and I was rewarded with small gifts like the front parking space when I was in a rush, the green light, an unexpected gift, things falling into place really easily, and more.

Even though I am still grateful all the time, I am not living in that space 24/7 like I was last year and I feel the change.  The stresses of life can get me easier and I get off track.  Then it takes me longer to get back “on track”.  So I guess I need to find a way to document my gratitude every day.  Maybe it is time to go back to a gratitude journal or back to my Instagram project.  I am not yet sure what I will do, but for now, I will tell you what I am grateful for today.  I invite you to do the same exercise and see how it makes you feel.  Then throughout the day look for things to grateful for.

I am grateful for….

  • my life and the spirit that guides me
  • this planet and all its beauty and mystery
  • my amazing husband (I could do an entire post just about him)
  • my two beautiful, funny, smart boys
  • the miracle that is my godson
  • my family in general, especially the love and support of my Mom
  • girlfriends, especially my woman’s group of Sexy Soul Sisters
  • my two furry babies, Hunter and Sawyer
  • all the amazing people in my life
  • Gavin and my network of photography friends
  • Bermuda and all her splendor
  • fresh air
  • the ocean and living right on it
  • good books, especially those that show up at the right time
  • Netflix and addictive shows like House of Cards
  • Apple everything! My iPad, iPhone, MAC
  • my creativity
  • getting to live my dream
  • watching the rain come across the sea
  • the birds outside my window
  • art
  • paddle boards
  • the opportunities that come my way
  • travel, especially to Italia
  • meeting new people
  • social networks that enable me to keep in touch
  • a good cup of tea
  • an even better glass of wine
  • FOOD
  • the internet
  • my clients
  • my intuition
  • treasures we find on the beach
  • walks on the beach
  • adventure
  • sunsets
  • online courses, especially IIN
  • Oprah and all I learn from her
  • a comfortable bed
  • Pinterest and all the apps that keep me organized
  • hugs and kisses
  • LOVE

Enjoy your day in gratitude….

“Show up, tune in, be real, enjoy the ride”

4 thoughts on “Gratitude is the Secret to Happiness

  1. The B-anthropist says:

    Last month I put a daily reminder in my calendar that pops up, “What are you grateful for right now?” This reminds me to jot thoughts down then. (Normally when I am on the ferry on my way to work…) I have also blocked out 15-20 minutes, 3 days a week, for a walk around town…which allows me the time to remind myself of other ways I am grateful, when I am not stopping and talking to tourist! 🙂

  2. carol gracie says:

    simply lovely post and perfectly timed as always
    Thank you!
    I am grateful for you and your AGGTTU blog
    keep them coming xoxoxo

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