Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready


I have heard that you teach what you need to learn and that rings so true with this post.  I told myself and the Universe that this year is my year of action.  Ever since I said that out loud, I have been seeing this message everywhere, which just reinforces that I was right on.  I am the queen of sitting my ass on the couch with a good book, putting things off and “getting ready to get ready”.  I do this so much, that I finally got sick of myself enough to actually make a change.

Martin Kipp from The Daily Love calls this “spiritual entertainment”. There is so much information thrown at us daily that we become overwhelmed to the point of inaction.  We can read all the spiritual books and posts we want but it is not going to make us more spiritual if we don’t DO the work or USE the tools.  I bet each and every one of you could tell me what you would really like to be doing with your life.  When we step up and make a change and move in the direction of what we want, the Universe really does rise up to meet us and help us along.  I can not stress this enough.  It does not have to be a giant leap (like moving to another country as I did) but rather baby steps.  Forward movement is the key.  Pay for that course, start a blog,  join that group, write a page of your book, forgive that person…you will feel the momentum start the minute you make the decision.

My life has transformed the most when I took risks.  When I first started my photography business, there was a course I wanted to take that I did not have the money for.  I managed to find a way to come up with the money and the course transformed my business and my life in ways I could never imagine.  It was during that course that I made the contact that enabled me to move to Bermuda (more on  that story in another post).  It was also during this course that I made lifelong photographer friends that have supported me throughout my entire career.

The biggest risk I have taken in my life has been the one that has given me the most joy, moving to Bermuda.  At the time my family and I did this, we used just about every bit of our savings to do it and it has been a rough road financially since, however, we would not change it for the world.  We have been blessed ever since and I believe that these have been the happiest, most fulfilling years of our lives.  That being said, going through the process of moving to another country was terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time.  We had to leave our immediate families behind and I have never cried more tears.  But my soul told me it was right.  In fact, my soul pulled me in this direction all my life.  I had a homesick yearning for a place I had only lived for a year.

Here I find myself again, taking another course I can’t really afford but I know I have to do….that I am compelled to do even though I already have a busy career and family.   I know it is time for another change.  I have known for several years now but I was too busy “getting ready to get ready” to make it happen.  And ever since I made the commitment, my mind has opened up to so many ideas that I can’t keep up.  I feel I am being lead and I know that it is the Universe guiding me.  I am finally listening.

Do you feel that deep down soul yearning too?  There is this voice in your head, this nagging feeling in your gut that is trying to tell you something.  Anything is possible.  Reread your journals and listen to what you talk about with your girlfriends or ask them what they hear you saying.  And always remember to ask the Universe for guidance.  It will show itself.  As my teacher Joshua Rosenthal wrote in today’s email, “acknowledge the difference between information and transformation”.  Don’t stop searching until you live each day with a sense of “all is right in my world”.  I know you can do it…we can do it together.

“Show up, tune in, be real, enjoy the ride”

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