A Refreshing Take on Resolutions: GET RID OF THEM!


You are going to like this one.  I am going to give you permission to let go of your New Year’s resolutions!  Isn’t that fantastic!?  All that pressure gone…poof!  People have been asking me over the last week or so if I have written my New Year’s Resolutions yet and I realized it put a bad taste in my mouth and instantly gave me this weird anxiety feeling.  So I am doing what anyone would do who wants to rid themselves of any uncomfortable feeling; I am banishing it from my life.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am ALL about goal setting.  You must have a goals in your life to move forward in anything.  If you are out there floundering with no plan, it does not work.  I just feel that the word “resolution” is not the correct word to use anymore and because it has been the chosen term for this huge undertaking that we start each new year off with, it is like a giant weight on our shoulders. No wonder they don’t last through January.

You hear a lot these days about “paradigm shifts” and “reframing”.  I will get into that more later this year, but for now let’s just say we are going to look at the idea of resolutions with new eyes….fresh 2016 eyes! Are you ready?
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